Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Magic Items from High Fantasy

Before we bid adieu to High Fantasy, I thought that I might share some more descriptions of High Fantasy magic items as a complement to my earlier post on the subject.  First, here are a couple of items that I don’t particularly like.  Evidently, Jeff Dillow was trying to be “cute.”
The Kitchen Magician – This is also called “the sword of many swords.”  It looks like a well-made sword in a silver and gold scabbard.  When the sword is drawn and held out in front of the player [character] it creates a wall of whirling swords 10 feet away from the player [character].  The wall of swords is 10’ x 10’ and moves when the player [character] moves the sword.  It will last for five turns and then the wall will disappear.  Anyone hit by the wall receives damage on the 95 column each turn they remain in it.  The sword can only be used in this manner once a day and after that it reverts to a normal sword.  If the player [character] hasn’t used the sword wall that day then the sword will be a plus 5 column damage weapon until it is used.
The Super Wiz Biz Robe – A bizarre bright red robe cluttered with moons and stars.  That hat is long and pointy with a little crook at the end and is also covered with moons and stars.  There is a large W on a necklace that swings loosely about the chest.  The robe increases a wizard’s innate ability by 20 and adds 5 to his offense and 10 to his defense.  When other people see a person wearing this outfit it usually causes them to break out laughing with a 10% chance of going into uncontrollable laughter for 3 turns.  The robe is large and clumsy and has a 5% chance of interfering with the wizard so much that it causes him to cast the spell next to the one he intended to.  If there is no spell next to the one he is casting then a shower of flowers will spring from the wizards [sic] hand instead of the spell.
With the following item, we see that Dillow took inspiration from Hindu mythology.
Vajra “The Heaven Bow” – This is a 6 foot bow made of rainbows and strung with black clouds.  It’s [sic] arrows are lightning bolts that do 80 column damage whenever they hit.  The bow comes with six arrows but there is a secret hollow shaft that will turn any regular arrow placed in it into a lightning bolt, if it is left there for one day.  Use the same range that you use for longbows.  The bow only exists in daylight or magic light.  At night it disappears and will reappear in the same place when the light of the morning comes again.
Speaking of magic light…
The Elf Stone – A clear blue rock that glows if exposed to open air.  It can be used as a torch and if desired will have the same effect as a second plane fear spell on other creatures.
Here's a strange one...
The Sacrificial Breastplate – A large piece of armor that is worn to protect the chest.  It has an intricately decorated front and appears to be a very well-built piece of equipment.  The armor originated from a very peculiar style of area combat in the olden days.  Two combatants would put on one of these breastplates,* which would add +30 to their defense, and then commence to fight each other in the typical gladiatorial style.  When one of the combatants lost the winner would go over and tear the armor from the chest of the loser.  This breastplate burns a symbol on the chest of who ever puts it on.  When the armor is taken off it will reveal this symbol and unless this symbol is quickly covered up the loser would be in trouble.  The symbol marks the wearer for sacrifice to the demons.  For every turn the symbol is exposed there is a 60% chance a demon will appear and try to devour the person marked.  What a horrible thing it was to lose in the arena in the olden days!
Speaking of demons…
The Horn of Trumpeting Doom – A horn made from the tusk of a dead demon.  The mouth piece is finely spun silver.  The horn has been cursed and can only be used properly by another demon.  If the person** blows the horn in a building a part of the ceiling will collapse striking everyone in the room and will do damage on the 60 column.  If outside, branches will fall, rocks will slip or even meteors will descend and cause everyone in a 100 feet radius to take damage on the 80 column.
Last but not least we have...

Golden Death – A small gold statue of a lion that is amazingly intricate for its size.  This magical device was one of the Assassin of Nautpolis’s favorite devices.  When the lion is tossed into the air it will grow into a full sized lion before it hits the ground.  The Assassin would often use it to maul his victims and thus disguise the fact it was a definite assassination.  The lion will maintain its full size and golden hue for two complete turns at which time it will revert back into a statue.  Use the regular lion statistics located on the Creature Table.
*  I assume one each
**  I assume a non-demon

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