Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Elf Sex

It has been a full year since your humble host started this blog.  According to Blogger stats, “elf sex,” as a 'search keyword' phrase, has been responsible for more pageviews on this blog than any other search keyword.  So, in the interest of giving the people what they want, your humble host hereby presents passages from The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans-Wentz. Today is appropriate “for the fairy-mounds of Erinn are always opened about Halloween.” (p. 288)
From page 294:
While Aedh was enjoying a game of hurley with his boy companions near the sídh of Liamhain Softsmock, two of the sídh-women, who loved the young prince, very suddenly appeared, and as suddenly took him away with them into a fairy palace and kept him there three years. It happened, however, that he escaped at the end of that time, and, knowing the magical powers of Patrick, went to where the holy man was, and thus explained himself:—‘Against the youths my opponents I (i. e. my side) took seven goals; but at the last one that I took, here come up to me two women clad in green mantles: two daughters of Bodhb derg mac an Daghda, and their names Slad and Mumain. Either of them took me by a hand, and they led me off to a garish brugh; whereby for now three years my people mourn after me, the sídh-folk caring for me ever since, and until last night I got a chance opening to escape from the brugh, when to the number of fifty lads we emerged out of the sídh and forth upon the green.
From page 112:
Lachlann’s Fairy Mistress.—‘My grandmother, Catherine MacInnis, used to tell about a man named Lachlann, whom she knew, being in love with a fairy woman. The fairy woman made it a point to see Lachlann every night, and he being worn out with her began to fear her. Things got so bad at last that he decided to go to America to escape the fairy woman. As soon as the plan was fixed, and he was about to emigrate, women who were milking at sunset out in the meadows heard very audibly the fairy woman singing this song:—
          What will the brown-haired woman do
          When Lachlann is on the billows?
‘Lachlann emigrated to Cape Breton, landing in Nova Scotia; and in his first letter home to his friends he stated that the same fairy woman was haunting him there in America.’
Of course, other search keywords have brought visitors to this blog.  One can easily appreciate how most of these search keywords led a person here.  However, your humble host occaisonally notices a peculiar term among the search keywords.  A recent and amusing example is “maps of unexplored regions of the Amazon.”  Because, you know, who needs maps of the explored regions?


  1. So you have teased us once again with elf sex.

    "While Aedh was enjoying a game of hurley with his boy companions..."

    Would this take place on Carcosa, by any chance?


  2. Get a Freaking LIIIIFFFEEE!!!! Reality... Fiction... Get it by now?

    1. No, I'm afraid I don't understand. Please elaborate. What part of the above post do you think is not fiction?

      Also, does getting a Freaking LIIIIFFFEEE involve leaving comments on blog posts from nine months ago? Because if that's the case, I'm not even going to try.