Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Sorry State of Civilization

Like many bloggers, I offer a variety of links that may be of interest to my readers.  I hate encountering dead links on other sites, and I don't want them on this site.  Occasionally, I check the links that I provide to make certain they're still active.  When I find a link that is no longer good, I get rid of it to save my readers from disappointment.

Anyway, in my latest sweep, I discovered that two links are no longer valid.  First, the Judges Guild site ( is now offline; this is unfortunate, but understandable.  The second invalid link is nothing short of unconscionable.  The target of my “What is a thoul?” link was Wikipedia's “Thoul” article.  Notice my use of the past tense – the information elitists at Wikipedia have decided that “Thoul” no longer deserves an article; searches for thoul are redirected to a page called “List of Dungeons & Dragons monsters (1977–1999).”  What is wrong with these people?  Seriously, “Eggomania ” and lipstick on a pig” get articles, but “Thoul” gets nixed?

When our civilization eventually falls, it won't be due to WMDs or economic collapse or some similar catastrophe.  No, the end of civilization will occur because self-appointed 'administrators' will have dismissed critical information in favor of Punky Brewster episode synopses.  Remember this the next time Jimmy Wales starts asking for handouts.

Given these execrable circumstances, I am compelled to create a 'What Is A Thoul?' page.  After all, if you want something done right, then do it yourself.


  1. It has been an uphill battle with the D&D pages on Wikipedia and I have lost as many articles as I have saved.

    Frankly we could use all the help we could get over there.

  2. I am compelled to agree with your reasoning behind the collapse of our civilization. I, however, welcome our new punky overlords.

    Regarding the Judges' Guild link, it (.org and .com both) are active again. Robert Bledsaw III, who with his father comprises the current Judges' Guild, explained that the host let it expire without informing them.

    In fact the last few days have seen BB3 go into a couple of tirades.

    Scroll down on both of these:

    Only one side, and one that sounds kinda delusional. Seems like he and his dad think there are thousands and thousands of dollars in the JG IP, and they want to exploit it.

    Timothy (the real one, not the poser above. Heh, heh.)

    1. Timothy, what would I do without you?

    2. Increase the average IQ of your blog readers?

  3. Also, thanks for keeping the Thoulish dream alive.