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Snake Mountain

The Masters of the Universe Role Playing Game allows for only one adventure.  This tends to support the notion that the game is a board game rather than a genuine role playing game.  The 'adventure' consists of the player characters looting Snake Mountain in an effort to retrieve the 'Crown Jewels of Eternia.'  The denizens of Snake Mountain are adverse to this and conflict is thus engendered.  Players can assume the roles of He-Man, Teela, Orko, Ram-Man, Man-at-Arms, or...Fisto.  Stratos makes a cameo appearance in the rules, but he is not a playable character.

The game includes a map (or board) “representing the catacombs of Snake Mountain.”  A slightly modified image is provided below for your edification.  Take a few minutes to stock it for your own purposes or avail yourself of the encounter tables.

Snake Mountain according to the good people at FASA circa 1985
The game comes with ten treasure “markers,” one of which represents the Crown Jewels.  They are randomly distributed – face down – upon the blue stars.  The object of the 'adventure' is to locate the Crown Jewels and remove them from the environs of Snake Mountain.  If an encounter occurs in a given room, the adversary (either character or monster) starts on the red star of that room.  If there are several adversaries, are they stacked on the same square?  The rules are silent.  Why are there red stars in rooms where there is no chance of an encounter?  Again, the rules are silent.

Here is a directory; location names have been changed for entertainment purposes only.

When player characters cross the Bridge (location 52), they are attacked by the weapon in the Armament Room (location 49); it is the equivalent of a rifle.

There are four encounter tables:  standard, special, character, and monster.  For each of the tables, 1d6 is used with a possible modifier according to a particular location.  For instance, in location 47, the result of 1d6 would be added to four and the result checked on the standard encounter table.

Standard Encounter Table

Special Encounter Table

Character Encounter Table

Monster Encounter Table

The monsters on the 'monster encounter table' are inventions of the game designers and are not associated with MOTU continuity.  Also, how these monsters are depicted in the rulebook differs from how they appear on the cardboard 'playing pieces' included with the game.




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