Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Esoterica of Wizards' Realm

Margali the Masked Sorceress
As mentioned previously, the Wizards' Realm rule book contains a significant amount of marginalia in the form of “Realm Elvish” (i.e., English with a different alphabet).  There are two sets of 'Elvish' symbols, runic and script.  There is only one use of the runic form; on the blade of a sword depicted on page 4 is the phrase, “Fear not, I shall be good to your widow.”  Otherwise, the marginalia provides some insight into the authors' campaign and I provide a translation below.  Numbers in brackets refer to pages.

Long ago, when the world-that-is was young:  The bright star lord Fingol wooed and won the faint, fair maid star Finglas.  By that joining was the light called Istys first brought into the world and all life that is drew breath.  To the one whose hand
has shaped the stars be thanks, so be it.  The one who called forth the stars gave form and substance to all life both in the middle gardens and the
realm above and below.  Though the dark and light were separated and the powers that opposed the will of the one were fettered Outside:  Yet do evil powers haunt the midgards.  Evil spirits may be bound but such is
the doom of men that they choose to loose those powers in their own hearts.  For this reason are the speaking folk of the midgards called the Free People.  Those of old who were seduced or mislead by the darkness are called the
forgotten kindred.  Of old the lands which are the Middle
Kingdoms were one under the High King at Pandragae.  Peace was long lived and prosperous until the coming of the Terrible Lords.  In the lust for power which spurred them on, these evil lords brought about
the downfall of more than the high seat at Pandragae.  The fence about the Outside was breached and horror was unleashed.  Ages have passed, though the servants of Istys have gained a measure of victory, the dark powers still live.
Among the Terrible Lords was one called Silva.  In later days his chiefest foe has been one Tarl Eaglemoor, last descendant of the house which once served as the hereditary champions of the High King.  With the power of the sword he bears, the knight
has twice fought and bested Silva, once costing Silva his arm – and the better part of his reason.  More dangerous and more unpredictable than ever, Silva One-Arm now is vanished – whether dead or banished Outside none can say.
Other wizards are abroad throughout the lands of the Middle Kingdoms though they are few in number in these later days.  Indeed, it is the goal of the Wizards' Council to seek out and tutor those upon whom the power rests, that
they may be set in the path of good.  One such wizard is the sombre Darkmoon who, though a servant of the good, is a grim one.  Late did discover his power under the tutelage of Dwarkenath Goldbeard
his mentor – and he was first a fighter before he became a mage.  Now Darkmoon coaches a young human mystic in the ancient art,
Nollander, who rides with the Company of the Keep.
Up beyond Ruberto in the region of the Palewood, the spirit of Larissa, a wizardess long thought departed,remains to protect
the land she cherished.  Whether she is in fact dead or alive, living in some strange enchantment, none may say.
Darkmoon's motto = “Humans are no damn good.”
– New house rules for the Inn of the Three Fates; this is a high class place – act respectable.  No more than three to a bed.  Furniture is costly.  Enjoy your drink – then carry out your own dead.
Don't sit on the cat's chair – he's the wizard's familiar.  Under no circumstances annoy the waitress.  Cash only – no credit.
The festival of Istys occurs on Midwinter's Day.  On that day, Fingol and Finglas merge for a full day of light.
The Eaglemoor motto = “It is not better to be a dead
lion than a live jackal, 'tis better to be a live lion.”
When last seen, Pandro the Hobbit had gone off adventuring again.  Just could not put up with  earning an honest living managing an Infinity Store.
He rode off with Mongo the Berserk – and peculiar.  Mongo's favorite saying = “Mongo like to kill llizard.” [sic]  Mongo eats soup with his fingers.
Nice guy,
Kaffal is by his own standards a Trenfher.  Kaffal's favorite saying = “If they are unbelievers, then what is the problem?”  However, by the belief Kaffal brings
with him from the far south – even the Company of the Keep are, “It makes a few problems.”
When in Mousehole, the best way to find magical aids is to look up Feanol Lightstar of the Infinity Store.  The best way to start trouble in Mousehole is [to] walk into the
Inn of the Three Fates and ask where they keep the girls; a guy could get killed.
Margali the Masked Sorceress, mistress of evil, weaves her webs of intrigue throughout the Middle Kingdoms and few there are who would directly oppose her.  Beware, you who chance to challenge her.
Beware the servants who bear the sigil of the Lady's Tower.
Lydwine in the north country is the holding of Selwyn, Thegn of Lydwine, Felicity's father.
Auld Keep is the ancestral home of Liafail Airgidbann, called Darkmoon.
There are more magics and weaponry in the Infinity Store.
If you have so much money, what do you need with the magic?
Staenbul is the wickedest city in two continents, trust me.
When in Mousehole, don't annoy the elf – any elf.
Blackhammer sleeps with a nightlight – dragons have no eyelid.
Rumor has it that Nollander's hat is a hand-me-down from Darkmoon.
No Moth*, there is no food in that box either.
Have fun.  Lots of luck.
Never order “brownie surprise” at the Three Fates...the brownies are crazy waiters.
If you have any questions, drop us a line – but don't tell them Silva sent you.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here we go again.
Honest, Robin has never said, “What do we do now, Uncle Tarn?”
Ocdabrae is a nice place to visit when they have a tournament going on – but don't drink the water.
If Moth is standing on your foot, let him.
Unicorns are sometimes seen in the woods above Ruberto – they are seldom approached though.  Remember, only one who is pure of heart may do so.  I suppose that let's out Planer then.
Actually, Tiberius is quite good with a 'bolt of the blue' – ask Blackhammer, if they can even dig him out of the rocks.
The errata sheet:
And some malign influence (Anyone we know?) made a mess of the c/k usage in our marginalia.  (Thanks a lot, Margali!)
*  I'm guessing that Moth is someone's pet dragon.


  1. She reminds me of that horned girl from the old D&D Expert booklet. It would be cool to have a whole other race like them - besides the same bland old LotR races that every fantasy RPG and their dog have to include.

    1. I forgot about that horned girl. [Insert joke about 'horny girls' here.]