Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Do your characters have appropriate talismans?

In a setting where magic is more-or-less commonplace, superstition becomes pragmatic.  Charms and amulets become less frivolous and – perhaps – gain some degree of efficacy.  Presented here is a plate from The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems along with notes from that tome.  What game effects – if any – would these items have?  What would it take to 'activate' one of these things?  Would the owner need to wear it for a year and a day?  Perhaps 'invest' a hit point?

104Harpokrates – “...god of eternal youth and fecundity...”
105 Caduceus – “...the wand of Mercury...worn to render its possessor wise and persuasive, to attract Health and Youthfulness, as well as to protect from the Evil Eye.”
106 Horn – “...worn to protect from harm, danger, and...evil influences...and also a charm to attract good fortune and success.”
107 Anubis – “...the Guardian of Souls in the under-world.”
108Bull's Head – “...worn...for success in love and friendship and...was also worn by men for Strength and Long Life.”
109Hand – “...a Talisman against fascination...”
110Key – “...the joint symbol of...Apollo...and...Diana...and was worn for Prudence, and for Remembrance of things past, and foresight of things to come...”
111Hand of the Lady Fatima – “...a sacred symbol representing Generosity, Hospitality, Power, and Divine Providence...”
112Salus Ring – “...worn for Health and Success in all undertakings, as well as for general Good Fortune.”
113Crescent – “...worn by Roman women upon their shoes as a safeguard against witchcraft and to prevent the evil spirits of the moon from afflicting them with delusions, hysteria, or lunacy...”
114:  (Zufur Tukiah) letters making the name Nasiree – “...the Preserver, one of the names of God...”
115:  (Zufur Tukiah) letters making the name Gadiri – “...the Powerful, also one of the names of God...”
116:   (Zufur Tukiah) letters making the name Mohammed
117Pine Cone – “...the symbol of Cybele the goddess of abundant benefits...”
118Cornucopia – “...the symbol of Abundance, Fruitfulness, and Prosperity...”
119Frog – “...worn for fertility and abundance.”


  1. Awesome find, I'm saving that pdf. Should be good for browsing.
    As for mechanics, I'm reminded of something I've used for fortune tellers with a tarot deck. I let the player draw a card and then I read the interpretation of the card from a tarot guide. Based on the guide and a little bit of info I might have about their current adventure (if they know where they're going that session) I'll give them a situational bonus that they get to use once that evening.

  2. Thank you for this great PDF find!

  3. Woah, this is a fantastic resource! Thanks, perdy!

    With quality posts such as this and your examination of T&T (and other systems, of course) you make it very difficult to be a troll!