Sunday, January 18, 2015

Appearance in Supervillains

From Beauty and the Beast #2 (Feb. '85)
art by Perlin, DeMulder, and Scotese

The rules for determining a character's appearance in the 'advanced' game of Supervillains comprise nearly two of the twenty-four pages of the rule book.  For posterity, I present a set of tables equivalent to those provided in Supervillains.

Characters are either humans, androids, or aliens.  'General Appearance' can be (1) human in all respects, (2) near-human, (3) humanoid, or (4) non-humanoid.  Near-humans and humanoids roll once on Table 1.4 to determine one feature difference and are directed to a subsequent table.  Humanoids may have more extreme differences than near-humans.  Although some results might seem normal, such characters “are not quite human.”

For non-humanoid characters, one roll each is made on Table 1.31 and Table 1.32.  No roll is made on the Feature Difference Table.  Instead, non-humanoids automatically have a 'feature difference' for each of the following:  body size, body build, face, appendages, and skin.

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  1. I assume there is a huge in-game payoff for all that detail.