Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beyond This Point Be Dragons

Various ‘old school’ projects have recently been touted on Kickstarter (and similar fund-raising sites).  Rather than question the merit of certain of these projects, your humble host chooses to endorse enthusiastically Champions of ZED.

This game is not so much an emulation as a carefully researched exposition of the nascent form of “the world's most popular role-playing game.”  With Dragons at Dawn, D. H. Boggs displayed his comprehension of – and his reverence for – the origins of the hobby.  Champions of ZED promises to be a game loyal to its roots as well as a work of fulsome scholarship.

Boggs is doing important work and I am grateful for his efforts.  I am both proud and glad to be a backer of this project.  With all earnestness, I encourage my cherished readers to consider pledging funds to the extent they are able.  This is the good stuff; let's make it happen.

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  1. I'm excited about this one.

    I also hope that manuscript he's been talking about sees the light of day. He said something about being unable to legally post the art on his blog... which seems strange for a historical document / unpublished, 40 year old doodle that's been thrown away by its anonymous creator. If it's a complete game I wouldn't mind giving it a try!