Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blade Raiders

Your humble host came across this Kickstarter project and thought that some of his more discerning readers might be interested.  Thoul's Paradise would not dedicate a post to some hum-drum OGL re-hash (except for purposes of ridicule); there are enough of those floating around.  Blade Raiders has aspects that set it apart from many games.

First, Grant Gould, the artist/creator, seems to be a nice guy.  That might not count for much in the eyes of others, but it means something to me.

Anyway, since Blade Raiders is his project, it is only fitting that I quote Gould regarding those concepts I find worthwhile about the game.

The setting: 
This first book focuses primarily on the human realm ruled by Stonemir, a massive fortess-city built upon a mountain that holds primeval mysteries and vast power... 

In this RPG, magic comes from runestones, which are buried beneath the earth, hidden in mountains (especially near Stonemir), and guarded like precious artifacts. Some men and women are born with the ability to tap into these forces, and some devote their lives to articulating these skills and developing incredible powers.

I didn't want to use the standard races like orcs, goblins, etc. So you'll see some completely original beasties in this game.
The rules:
You begin your adventure with a clean slate. You don't start with a ton of skills and abilities. In fact, you don't even select a character class -- You select a TALENT...Part of the Blade Raiders RPG experience is finding out who your character is as the story unfolds. No one is simply a "fighter" or a "mage." Characters are more complex, and yet at the same time, simpler in terms of creation and management.

...Blade Raiders has an entirely new dynamic when it comes to spell-casting and special abilities.

You don't begin the game by choosing what you're good at. You begin the game with a basic understanding of where your talents lie, and then grow and strengthen in the areas that you choose to focus on. 

Below is a mock-up of a character sheet.  Since the rules are not finalized, this may not be the end-product, but it is a good example of Gould's ability at presentation.

The project is funded; Blade Raiders will happen.  The question now is:  Will you benefit?  As of this posting, there are still two weeks left in the funding campaign.  I really want to see the map of the game world that will be included in the stretch goal offering, so my motivation in writing this post is not altogether altruistic.  Blade Raiders may not be to your taste, but I encourage you to see what Gould has to offer.

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