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Races in Wizards' Realm

For the Mystic Swamp Elvish illiterate,

that's 'Darkmoon' on the left and 'Shadow' on the right

The Wizards' Realm™ Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure System offers an assortment of player character races (or “The Sondry Folk” as the game refers to them).  There are the usual fantasy types, “the Free People – the humans, elvenkin, dwarf-folk and hobbitry” – yes, shameless hobbitry.  There are also “the so-called Forgotten Kin...orcs, troll, goblin and bogey” or – as I like to refer to them – marginalized humanoids.

“Humans are considered the most adaptable of all the Free Peoples...”  Yeah, you know the drill.

Dwarves are officially called “Dwergar” and they “tend to be swarthy, with glittering black eyes and hair that may be of any color at all.”  And the traditional Dwarf - Elf antagonism?  According to page 7...
     It is said that in the Dawn of Days, the Elves alone knew Magic and taught ir but sparingly to those deemed worthy.  The tales tell of a clever dwarf-lord who by his cunning learned the secrets of an Elven mage and used this lore to weave spells into his weaponcraft.  The Elves have never quite forgiven this trickery.
Elves are divided into “several kin.”  The Shee are bog-standard fairies.  The nocturnal Danaan are most like typical RPG Elves – forest dwelling and magically inclined.  The Katani also dwell in forests but are nomadic.  They have “little use for magic” and focus instead on martial disciplines.  The Fingolan elves “are a people of the daylight and open places.”  As such, they lack the night-vision of the other Elf-kin.  Many Fingolan elves live among men.

There are several Hobbit types, including river-dwelling hobbits with beards – doubtless patterned after Tolkien's 'Stoors.'  In Wizards' Realm, there are nomad clans of hobbits.  The villainous 'Black hobbits' are said to be an “off-shoot” of the nomads.  “Black” refers not to their coloration but to their vicious disposition.  (Black hobbits also appear in Tunnels & Trolls.)

Page 9 tells us that bogeys are a...
...tall, hardy people with deceptively benign dog-like faces...[and they] are a tribal and primarily hunting folk.  They range up to seven feet tall, with brownish-yellow coloration, sparse reddish hair, and small, glittering black eyes.
Comments regarding the bogey ethos were provided in last week's post.

Orcs are generally cruel and “live in a strict, militaristic commune.”  Also, as stated on page 9,
they stand as tall or taller than humans.  Their coloration ranges from pale to dark through several unwholesome shades, with lambent red eyes and great yellow teeth.
Goblins in Wizards' Realm are herbivores...“cultivating mushrooms and cave-grown roots.”  However, since they use wolves as guards and mounts, goblins must provide them with meat.  Goblins have red or yellow eyes and “coppery skin with unruly black hair and beard.”

“The Trollock...are a people with pride and honor, after their own fashion.”  By way of description, page 10 tells us that...
Trolls are large, bulky, powerfully-built folk, with huge ears and noses and tough leathery hide.  They grow to six or seven feet or more in height...

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