Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What is your Action Guide Style?

In Gregory L. Kinney's World Action and Adventure role playing game, 'Action Guide' is the equivalent of Game Master.  In the Official Guide, Kinney discusses the various Action Guide 'styles' or archetypes.  They include The Technician, The Executive, The Director, The Delegator, The Developer, and The Dictator.  Now – if it were me – I would have used 'The Decider' instead of The Executive and 'The Designer' instead of The Technician because alliteration makes everything better.  Also, I probably would have used 'The Definer' instead of The Dictator because it sounds nicer.  Rather than re-word Kinney's descriptions, I present his own words.


  1. That picture of folks sitting around the table playing a game is a tracing/copy of a really bad D&D ad from TSR isn't it?

    Do the rules follow up on these action guide styles or is this the only spot in the book they come up?

    1. Yes, the picture came from a D&D ad, just as it appears. Other ads used the actual photograph from which the tracing was made.

      No, what you see above is Kinney's only discourse on Action Guide styles.