Saturday, March 20, 2021

City of Wonder

Six years ago, your humble host wrote about Chaosium's 1982 Worlds of Wonder product.  We return to that product because a reader has informed me that he (or she or they) purchased Worlds of Wonder on eBay; however, the 'A Portion of Wonder' pamphlet was missing.  This, of course, is unconscionable and I cannot sit idly by while a lone voice cries out in the wilderness.  In this post, I provide the requested scan.  Some concern was expressed over copyright.  I am certain that this is covered by one or more 'fair use' provisions (particularly the 'obscure blog' & 'material that has been out of print for nearly four decades' provisions – but you should consult with a lawyer before relying on said provisions for your own purposes).  Anyway, what good are laws when justice has been trampled in the dirt?

The pamphlet consists of four pages.  The front cover briefly describes the city (usually referenced merely as 'Wonder') and supplies a price list.  The interior two pages present a map of part of the city (i.e., the Magic World, Superworld, and Future*World sections).  The back cover provides a 'Short Guide to the Avenues', with brief descriptions of places shown on the map (e.g., All-Beings Hospital and Piglar Megalessar's Stage Show and School of Cunning).

Please note the reference to Apple Lane in the lower left area
The reader also requested “any suggestion for a multi-genre crossover rpg.”  It seems several such games have been published over the years, but it would be inconsiderate of me not to suggest Chaosium's own Basic Roleplaying, the natural evolution of Worlds of Wonder.  It has a System Reference Document that has been out for almost a year.