Sunday, October 13, 2013

Magic in Wizards' Realm

As indicated previously, Spellcasters in Wizards' Realm obtain spells by purchasing them as skills.  All characters begin with 3 SCs (i.e., Skill Credits) and gain more whenever they attain a new degree (i.e., level).  However, for spells other than those he learns at character creation, the Spellcaster must “seek out such knowledge from other Spellcasters, from books of lore, or through his own effort and experimentation.”  This quote is from the Spellcaster class description on page 13.  That page also states, “The chapter on the use of Magic will explain how to acquire and employ spells.”  There are two chapters about Magic; one contains spell descriptions, the other – in the Gamemaster's section – provides information on gaining spells.

First, a Spellcaster could “go through the process of creating all his own spells from scratch.”  Second, “a student/apprentice type may be taught a spell by his or her mentor.”  Third, Spellcasters can purchase spells if they can afford them (and if they can find someone selling them).  Additionally, “Spells may be found in scrolls or books among lost hoards, ancient libraries or on the persons of fallen foes.”  Lastly, “there is the Book of Spells sometimes entrusted by a mentor, and, rarely, available for a princely sum from an Infinity Store.  The book is most insidious:  Until one has the skill – i.e., the SC – required, the page remains a blank.”

What's an Infinity Store?  Page 22 says the following...
As you find yourself able to better equip your expeditions, you may wish to avail yourself of a much larger, more complete and varied array of goods.  For that we heartily recommend the INFINITY STORE, a marvelous hodge-podge of information, bargains and incredible variety of necessaries – and trivia – with an illustrated catalogue and outlets throughout the Middle Kingdoms...If there isn't an I.S. in your part of the Midgards, you can find the catalogue at your hobby store or by writing us.
That last part makes it seem as if Mystic Swamp intended on publishing an 'Infinity Store' supplement.

Any spell, no mater how powerful, costs one Skill Credit to learn.  Theoretically, if the GM allowed it, a beginning character could learn a powerful spell like 'regeneration.'  However, such a spell's complexity, as well as its Power Point cost, would mean that a beginning character could not employ the spell effectively.

Each spell is rated at one of three levels of complexity:  simple, complex, and multiplex.  Beginning characters have a base 75% chance of successfully casting a simple spell, a 50% chance of casting a complex spell, and a 10% chance of casting a multiplex spell.  At sixth degree, the chances become 85%, 65%, and 30%, respectively.  At twelfth degree the chances are 95%, 75%, and 50%.  (Wizards get better chances because they're special.)  Each additional Skill Credit after the first spent on a spell increases the chance by 10% (to a maximum of 99%).  I would have installed a steady progression of ability; something like:
          Simple % = 30 + ([Luck + Intelligence] x 2) + (2 per degree)
          Complex % = 20 + Luck + Intelligence + (2 per degree)
          Multiplex % = ([Luck + Intelligence] / 2) + (2 per degree)
Upon reaching 90%, each degree would add only 1% (to a maximum of 99%).  Instead of additional Skill Credits adding 10%, I would have it so that each additional Skill Credit would allow a failed roll to be rerolled.  This would be once per day per additional Skill Credit.

The 99% ceiling is important; a roll of '00' when attempting to cast a spell is referred to as a 'glitch.'  A glitch not only indicates failure, “but the Spellcaster experiences a backfire effect of that same spell.”  I would get rid of the backfire effect since not all spells produce negative effects.  Instead, I would have glitches cause Survival Point damage.

As discussed in a prior post, characters have a number of Power Points equal to Constitution + Dexterity + (Intelligence x 10).  (Wizards get more Power Points because they're special.)  This represents the daily amount of 'endurance' Spellcasters have with regard to casting spells.  For each degree he or she advances, a Spellcaster increases his or her amount of Power Points by 10%. Each spell costs a number of Power Points to attempt; these points are spent whether or not the casting is successful.  According to page 31, “[I]t is possible to intensify the effect or prolong the duration of any spell by doubling, tripling or even greater multiplication of [Power Points] expended...”

Spent Power Points are completely restored the next day.  Unspent Power Points do not accumulate; however, they can be stored in “appropriate vessels” that have been “primed” to serve as a reservoir for Power Points.  Such a 'vessel' could be “a ring, wand, staff, or...even a belt-buckle!”  A ring has a maximum Power Point capacity of 500, a wand has a capacity of 1,000, and a staff has a capacity of 5,000.  The capacity for a belt-buckle is not listed – a sad oversight.  (Wizards get special, invisible rings that can store 10,000 Power Points because they're special.)

Spellcasters also have “Magic Detection as an ability.”  This is not listed as a spell so, presumably, it does not cost Power Points to use.  It does, however, have a “basic percentage probability” of 50%.  One might assume that this 'basic' chance would improve as the Spellcaster gains experience, but the rules do not touch upon this.  Is it treated as a complex spell with regard to improvement?  In other words, does the chance increase to 65% at sixth degree and 75% at twelfth?  Does a character have to spend Skill Credits to improve the chance?


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