Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Comic Book Creatures

In a previous post, I supplied several images of unusual creatures from comic books.  Here are more specimens for your delectation, just in time for Halloween.  All of the referenced comic books are now in the public domain.

Strange Worlds #7; 1952, Avon
Periodicals; Art by Gene Fawcette

The lavender being with the antennae and tentacles is a 'xill-monster' from Planetoid 50.  They tend to become a bit unruly during “the season of their growth.”  To keep them in check, one must construct barriers of 'alurium' which – fortunately – is plentiful on that planetoid.

The redhead is a 'space-goddess' (you know the type), but that's another story...

Baffling Mysteries #9; 1952,
Ace Comics; Art by Lin Streeter

This entity is the vile result of “cross-breeding a South American vampire bat and a vulture.”  For those of you considering adopting one, be warned that this “...ugly creation must be fed raw blood and cannot live on anything else!”

The person responsible for creating the vulbat states, “It will so startle and shock the Ornithological Society, they'll have to give me the prize!”

I can't help thinking there's a flaw in that logic.

Undersea Agent #3; 1966, Tower Comics;
Art by Mike Sekowsky/Frank Giacoia
Panther Whales

“They're three times the size of whales!”

“And as ferocious as panthers!”

“Obviously they're some Miocene bred species that's been disturbed by the bomb tests...”


Cyclone Comics #1 (King Anthony feature);
1940, Bilbara Publishing Co.; Art by George Papp


Beneath the ice of the Arctic region, there is a land called Artica [spelled thus with one 'c'].  “Strange and savage animals roam its dense forests...”  The lord of Artica's jungles is the Beaked Tyros.

“Besides being a savage killer, the tyros has a hide that a sword cannot pierce...”

Note the four-sectioned claws.  Are those suckers on the 'palm'?

Weird Comics #9 (Blast Bennett feature);
1940, Fox Feature Syndicate; Art by ?

Tentacled Globes

Hailing from Planet Alpo, these beings are large enough to carry humans.

“The monster spits out huge tongues of flame!”  However, the most effective way to destroy them is to bury them beneath tons of lava.  Be certain to keep several tons handy.

Midnight Mystery #4; 1961, American
Comics Group; Art by Ogden Whitney

From the dark vastness of outer space, “Rankars are a metallic from of life.”  Specifically, they “are made of duron, an incredibly powerful metal not even found in your galaxy!”

As can be seen in the image, they have “icy breath” and are so heavy that they sink several feet into the ground with each step.

Alarming Tales #4; 1957,
Harvey Comics; Art by Jack Kirby


One would hope that Martian colonists could come up with a better name than “Cat-Thing.”  Alas, one would hope in vain.

Its appearance suggests experimentation (or an accident) resulting in a genetic melange.

Ghostly Weird Stories #122; 1954,
Star Publications; Art by Jay Disbrow

Arcturan Horror

“One of the most horrible creatures imaginable,” this feisty fellow managed to kill three men before being felled.

There may be more efficient ways to despatch the thing, but a “space-ax” has been known to work (providing you have three expendable men).

If you don't have a “space-ax,” you could try a more prosaic ax; it probably doesn't know the difference.

Super-Mystery Comics vol. 1 no. 5 (Captain Gallant
and his Mini-Sub feature); 1940, Ace; Art by ?


This scene takes place near “the South Sea island port of Maloa.”  Our hero – Captain Gallant – manages to kill it easily but is “sorry to have to spoil such a fine specimen.”

Upon first seeing this sea beast, Gallant thinks, “I've been wanting some of its eggs for years for an experiment.”

Slave Girl Comics #2; 1949, Avon Periodicals; Art by Howard Larsen

The Slimy Monster of the Black Mire of the Time before Time

Shown here in a life-or-death struggle with a giant, wild boar from the Isles beyond the Northern Seas, this monster was last seen in the Tower of Indecision (“built by those of the elder race”) in Zarkhana during the reign of Shala the Merciless.


  1. I've statted up a few of the PD comic book monsters before. The vulbat is already in the layout for the Creature Compendium.

  2. One space-ax made from Duron coming up!

    Wataminute...duron is really plastic!

    I am totally stealing the Tower of Indecision.

    And maybe Slave Girl Comics...oh, wait, that's Gor...